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  Student Activities: Online Event Scheduling Form

Event Title:
Event Sponsor:
Start Date:
End Date:
Start Time:
End Time:
Contact Person:
Contact Phone:
Contact Email: (Please use your PUC Student e-mail to ensure you receive an attached copy of the contents of this electronic form.)
Verify Email:
Admission: Yes No
Sale: Yes No
Audience: (Options: PUC students, organizational members, guests, others)
*Estimated Audience:
Event Type Speaker Social Sale Other
Speaker Name:
Speaker Company:
Speaker Phone/Email:
Additional Information
Food: Yes No
Special Setup: Yes No
University Police: Yes No
Custodial Personal: Yes No
Audio Visual Services: Yes No
AV Services / Equipment list of Av equipment available
Other Request: Yes No
     Coat Rack(s)
     Garbage can(s)
This Part must be completed for events involving Financial Transactions
Rate( if applicable)
Will you be serving food: Yes No
Do you require a cash Box: Yes No
Selling items for a fundraiser: Yes No
Estimated Budget
Estimated Income: (Example - 10 candy bars @ 1.00 Ea = $10.00)
Total Income: $

Estimated Expenses: (Example - 10 candy bars @ 0.50 Ea = $5.00)
Total Expense: $
Overage or (Shortage**): $
(if applicable, please describe)
Event Comments: 

Purdue University Calumet prohibits the serving or possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances at any student organization function on or off campus. Individuals or groups violating the University policy will have all compensation withheld for their services. Purdue University Calumet is not liable for any individual or group.

We have read and understand the University policy as it pertains to alcohol at on or off campus events. This event is in compliance with the University policy as it pertains to the sale, the consumption and the procurement of alcohol.

* Form Submitted: Wednesday, July 08, 2015

A mail would be sent to the contact email with the filled form.
You are requested to submit that from the email that has been provided by you in the student records.


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